Thursday, May 6, 2010

Healing with Hypnosis

So today is the third full day of the World Hypnosis Summit and I just have to put out a big THANK YOU to everyone who helped bring this into existence. Some of the top leaders in the hypnosis field put our free Internet teleconference calls sharing their skills and teachings. This is truly an example of sharing abundance, gifts, talents and passion with others. I hope the world can some day replicate this type of freely giving on a global level in my lifetime.

My friends and I have been experiencing much healing. Why is hypnosis so powerful? First off hypnosis is a natural mental state that everyone experiences. Those moments right before drifting off to sleep or right before wakening are hypnosis. Spacing off, day dreaming, and driving to work and not recalling the details the drive are all states of hypnosis. The state one's in while watching TV is even a light level of hypnosis. Daydreaming helps us expand our imaginations to envision that new job, meeting that someone special, going to the moon, and explore the depths of the earth. Everything that has ever been accomplished or created first started out as a thought. We can even practice things like in our minds like dancing, playing an instrument, and preparing for childbirth. Our minds interpret these practice daydreams as experience and soon we believe we can do things we've only ever dreamt about.... if we let ourselves feel the feelings and live the experience of singing on stage, having the perfect wedding or landing the six figure job. So lets go ahead and daydream ourselves a new reality. One with passion and forgiveness. A healed world.

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