Thursday, May 6, 2010

Steps for Healing

1. Set the intention to heal a belief that no longer serves you.

You can tell if a belief needs to be healed if your experiencing emotions that feel constrictive. Or if you have a particular pattern in life that you are interpreting as self defeating such as not being able to stay at jobs, or holding yourself back from doing things you'd like to. Constrictive emotions are fear based and can be expressed through anger, depression, fear, resentment, indecision, stagnation, restlessness.

2. Trust the universe and keep your eyes open!

The universe will send you people, conversations, reading material, songs, anything and everything to help you deal with whatever the issue is. It could take days, hours, months or even years. Length of time depends on how open you are to noticing and utilizing the healing tools around you, and how willing you are to change and embark in unfamiliar territory. Remember to enjoy the journey. We establish so many wonderful relationships and gain so many valuable lessons along the way.

3. Thank the universe for your healing.
How do you know when the healing has taken place? Everyone has their own unique feelings. But generally you feel better, lighter happier and fuller in life. You are no longer stagnate, and you recognize the holiness in yourself, and others within the present moment. Behavior patterns start to change, you have more love in your heart than fear. You put things into perspective and forgive yourself, and others easier. You become even more gentle with yourself. This too is an unfolding process. Thank yourself and the universe for all the opportunities to learn about yourself, forgive yourself and love yourself.

4. Expand and share with others.
Your healing is the greatest gift you have to give to the world. Others will be inspired by your love, gratitude and greatness. Its contagious. Let us spread peace, healing and love throughout the ends of the earth!

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