Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Illusion of Safety

Some friends of mine are selling everything they own, saving up their money wearing only what objects of value they can put on their backs and hitting the road with nothing but their skills, their hearts and their faith to keep them safe and provided for.

When I heard this the adventurer in me was instantly jealous and longed for the open road. I had done some traveling in my early twenties, however I always had my own transportation and credit cards in my back pocket, and people who planned my trip for me all I had to do was ensure that I showed up at the right time to be picked up. My three months of travels had taken me throughout the southwest and I finally ended up in Hawaii were I was able to reconnect with my Godparents whom I hadn't seen since shortly after my birth twenty years ago. While my adventures had satisfied my insatiable thirst for the unknown I realized that the new, the unknown and the instability of my trek had turned out to be scarier and more stressful then I had though it would be. After four months I headed home back to the expected, the routine and the safety of people I knew that would take care of me. That would always provide a roof over my head, food at the table and great company that expect nothing of me but to be myself.

My husband drives for a living and so three to four days a week he is on the road braving whatever life may bring him whether it be a snow storm, a tornado threat, truck problems or accidents. He's learned to listen and heed the inner voice deep within. And every time he has done so he's avoided accidents and been kept safe and secure.

Its easy to forget in this journey of life that while the unknown can seem scary and unpredictable that the universe is constantly providing for us the experiences that reflect the feelings and expectations we have towards life. To have enough trust and faith that the universe will provide for us, and keep us safe in all circumstances and in every situation must first be felt internally and then chosen within every instant of every circumstance that the open road may bring. Many of us forget we have access to the protection and knowledge at all times so we fall into the safety of routine, and while this can bring peace of mind and comfort this is merely an illusion and true safety comes from within ourselves. True peace faith, and joy from within act like a force field that surrounds, binds and protects us.

If everyone on the planet could tap into this abunance of love and life simultaneously all fear of lack would be overcome and practically overnight we would abolish all war and currency. We would live in peace and harmony because everyone would know on a fundamental level just how much we are loved, provided for and protected.

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  1. i've definately had this topic of trust and being taken care of no matter WHAT things look like, 'outside' of me, on my mind a lot of late. THANK YOU for this beautiful, supportive post, callie :)