Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Love is the only Communication

If we close our eyes and tap into the stillness to listen to the subtle vibrations that permate the essence of our being we can feel, experience and know our connection to our spirit, our soul, each other, the planet and every creature on earth.  Diminishing this seperateness will  help us to move in the direction of healing the differences among us humans on the planet.  When we longer need to profit from another person in order to sustain our livlihood will we truely live and fully understand our connections.  How do we on an individual level start living and feeling this connection?  Through communicating, speaking, listening and acting from the heart.  Our hearts and bodies always speak our truth; however our minds sometimes overthink the messages.  Many times words fail to accurately communicate our needs.  True listening is done with the heart and hears only messages of love, acceptance and truth that is either given or requested.    Recognizing that we are enough within each and every moment helps us to come into alignment so that we can better hear the messages of the heart.

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