Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!!! Thank You for your love, support and friendship!!

Mothers are the most loving, selfless, smartest dedicated people I know and as Mothers we are the heart of the family. We make sure dinner's on the table, the dishes are washed, the laundry is done, the house is picked up. We stay up with our sick children. The gift of pregnancy prepares us for the holy vocation of Motherhood. Many times we can end up putting ourselves last putting our own wants, needs and desires behind those of our children, our husbands, family and sometimes even our friends. Sometimes we do this for the sake of getting things done. Other times we know that if everyone else is happy and content, we too are happy. My own journey into Motherhood has been the most meaningful time of my life. I am beginning to understand in depth how women hold the fabric of society together. We hold the potlucks, the baby showers, and the food tidings. We send the Thank you cards, the Christmas cards, and the birthday cards. We lay the foundations for the friendships, and bonds in which deep, and meaningful community is established. We are the most important person in our children's lives their first five years. They learn practically everything from us, our behavior, habits, and manners, how we talk, how treat each other, and ourselves. So lets treat ourselves gently and lovingly. It's ok to eat an extra peice of chocolate, to delegate the dishes, or to take that extra long bubble bath. The more lovingly we treat ourselves the more love we have to give to others.

As a child I never imagined that my most fulfilling role would be that of Mother. It always seemed so boring, run of the mill and not very glamorous. But today I can say behind the dirty diapers, sore nipples, up all night coughs and colds...comes a peace, satisfaction and sense of accomplishment that I've only ever felt since being a Mom. In learning to love another unconditionally, I am loving myself in the places I didn't know needed it. Through this holy vocation I am truly becoming the person that I was meant to be.

So a big Thank you to my own Mother who's been one of the greatest examples of strength and courage. My Grandma Mary who I miss and think of everyday.  Thank you to all of my mommy friends for your loving support and friendship, who come together for inspiration and support to find gentler ways of raising our children and running our families. To all the Mother's everywhere thank you for helping to birth and raise a new generation of peaceful, loving, and conscious children. Thank you for the hope and potential you see within yourselves, children and the world. The world needs you. Happy Mother's Day today and everyday!!!!!

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