Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Mother's Greatest Gift

On Mother's Day I had the blessing of hearing the channel named Micheal who gave me some insights and thoughts that I'd like to pass along for all the other Mama's out there.

Micheal Says:
  • The most important lesson you can teach your children is how to love themselves well.  The capacity through which they are able to love others starts with love of self, therefore, the more they love themselves the better they will love others.  Thus creating a more loving, and peaceful world.
  • The greatest gift you can give your children is your own true happiness.  Being a martyr does not serve anyone.  Allowing yourself true happiness takes courage.  If you are courageous in your own life, you serve as a role model for you children to allow and express happiness in their own lives.
  • Children have an innate guidance system that they come in with at birth.  Many times we try to control them for their own safety.  Attempts to control can lead to frustration, which lead to anger and resentment.  This is not worth your own creative energy. Their own guidance system keeps them safe.  Protecting and cultivating this guidance will allow them to grow into adulthood with all of their internal intuition in tact. 
  • Internal Intuition is what allows us to know, believe and understand that we are enough.  Demonstrating unconditional love....love without conditions.... love independent of a punishment or rewards systems helps keep this internal intuition in tact. 
I practice Hands on Healing and so much of the work I do is focused on reprogramming these set patterns that are established in early childhood.   Patterns that say in order to be loved we must be a "good little girl or boy,"  eat everything on your plate, go to bed on time, do everything Mommy and Daddy say because we know what is best for you.  Ignore your own inner urges to splash in the mud puddle, or chase after that butterfly, or cry out of frustration.  Honoring yourself allows for self love, where you don't need the approval of anyone else for our perfection.  I try to raise my son this way and sometimes its super hard, taking lots of my time, energy and patience.  But I know through my own healing journey that this is one lesson in love that I can do my best to protect him from, until he goes to school anyway, that if he "get's", he will have a more satisfying, fulfilled life at an earlier age than I did.  It is my hope that he will be able to enjoy his childhood, teen and young adulthood chasing after his own dreams, listening to his own inner guidance, living more fully in the present moment, and loving himself and others in deep, unconditional, and peaceful way.

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