Thursday, February 21, 2013

Getting in Touch With the Inner Child

A study was conducted of people approaching 100 years of age who were on their death beds. Researchers asked them if there was one thing they could change about their lives what would it be? Over ninety percent of the participants from all over the world answered by saying "I wish I would have loved more." What if you found out you only had one year to live? How would your life change? Would you change how you spent your time? Would some of your perspectives change about yourself? Others? The world in general? Are there things you would let go of? Are there things you would do? Would the same kinds of things be important? What if we could start living and loving this dynamically and in such radical ways right now? I encourage everyone to recognize the precociousness of our lives within each sacred and special moment. At times it can be easier to cling to resentments, hurt, transgressions, regret and remorse rather than letting go of the past. Other people tend to put off doing things that could be done today to tomorrow. And other people live in restless content keeping up with appearances living a superficial existence, but lacking true depth of joy, commitment, enthusiasm or compassion, not recognizing the depth of joy that each moment has the opportunity to give us. What if it were possible to revel in each special, savory moment the present has to offer. What if the joy you feel could be amplified, prolonged and extended to create an even deeper experience for yourself and others? What if the key to unlocking the pure awesomeness of every moment lay in opening the floodgates to your heart and letting the inner child within savor the experience of life? Who is the inner child? The inner child is the child in all of us that was buried beneath the "shoulds" and "have to's" of school and society. The great silencer of the inner child is allowing our childhood dream to be extinguished by the expectations of the adult world. Every little kid has big dreams remember wanting to be the rock star, the superhero, the beautiful actress, model or singer, astronaut or firefighter or the best mommy ever. Deep within each adult is a child longing for greatness to put his or her unique and unforgettable stamp on the world. But as we age we fit into the roles and responsibilities of the world. We get "job" and before we know it we lose sight of that child's dreams of greatness. Some of us have made it to adulthood with our inner child fully in tact and unharmed, but many of us did not surrounded by others who gave up on their dreams and settled for mediocrecy. So how do we go about making the journey from the outer world of the adult and mind, controlled by should's, could's, blame, doubt, and guilt to one of childlike enthusiasm, exploration, honesty, passion, courage and fun? Allow yourself to get back in touch with something that is FUN. What makes your heart sing? What would gladly spend your evenings and weekends doing? Our lives are so precious. Celebrate yourself and live every moment you have. Have you ever wondered where some people get their amazing energy, their awesome aliveness and zest for life? Its from nurturing and honoring the child within and recognizing the pure wonder, awe, and excitement that love and life have to offer.

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