Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Great Remembering-

Remember and awaken to the truth. You are a divine being that has no beginning and no end. You existed before your birth into the flesh and you will continue to remain and exist long after your body dies. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. It is merely transformed. Sometimes we are able to perceive it with our humanly sense. We hear the waves crash and the howling through the trees, or the beautiful melody of song. We feel the warmth sunshine or the touch of another person. The creations of our own minds..our thoughts, feelings, ideas and inspirations go on long after their conception and continue effect those who have ears to hear, and minds ponder and mouths and hands to create...As their own..ultimately aiding in the expansion and the co-creation of the universe and all its inhabitants. Parents join me in remembering your divinity...at this years Unschooling Summit.

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